Your idea won't hurt in single-disk, single-partition case, but this case is prohibited by other "blind repeat" rule of making lots of partitions.

I didn't say anything about how file system layout should be mapped to
disk partitions[*]. Nor do I support the concept of making lots and lots of
small partitions.  Check the archives: I'm one of the people that regularly
advocates the 'one big root' style.

I did't tell you said this, just compared the idea of "the only right directory layout" with this.

[*] Although historically there have been bugs with NFS exports making it
possible to access any files on the same partition, which would make a separate
partition for /exports a damn good idea.

And this is probably the reason for /exports tradition in Solaris. At first - this is solution for some problem, then - it's dumbly repeated even if problem doesn't exist any more.

The same with partitioning. In very very old unices with pre-FFS filesystem it actually improved performance, speed up checking, improved recovery so they did it. Now it no longer gives any adventage in most cases, just gives problem of making one partition too small and other too big.

Yet - it's dumbly followed as a rule, and explained by repeating the reasons that are no longer true for years.
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