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    Tim Judd wrote:

        I know it is not typical, but here's my setup.

        I have a private IP scope (/24 block) split up.  2 /25's

        I have a box that has dual NICs.  One is on the low /25 and one
        is on the
        high /25.  The high /25 is only used for jails and his gateway is a
        soekris/alix board that will function.  I can't find out how to
        get the high
        /25 to assign an additional gateway that's directed toward the

        Any tips or advice on how I can setup the high netblock to get
        it to route
        successfully to the SBC?

    Something like:
    [internet-IP router]
    [ FreeBSD]
    [ router internet-IP]

    Is this your setup?
    OK, I am confused:) Could you please explain?

  router1 (
( router2 ( [] Box with problems []

All my jails on this box is on the top half, and i want the jails to go through the gateway (which in turn goes through 0.1, but it's a matter of separating off hostile computers in my lab that i work on ppls computers with.

Does this help?

Yes, you want to use as your default route and as the default route for traffic originating
from the jails You can use a firewall to
do such things, all three "FreeBSD" firewalls have this ca-
pability. ipfw has the fwd action and pf has the route-to
option to change the next hop to whatever the administrator
desires. Check the manual of your favorite firewall.

There is an other option, setfib. You could compile a kernel
with multiple routing tables support and start the jails in
the second routing table which would have as
the default router.

HTH, Nikos
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