madunix wrote:
> Dear Experts,
> I want to know out of your experience people the following,

> 1- How open source served your businesses  requirements?

Our business would likely not exist if it weren't for Open Source
(and/or free) software. Other than our Windows workstations, a few
Windows servers, Cisco IOS and a few other specifics here-and-there, we
are all open source.

Everything is FreeBSD.

> 2- What kind of application that running on Open Source?

Pretty much everything:

- routers (Quagga BGP, OSPF etc)
- web servers
- email servers
- database servers
- backup (AMANDA)
- infrastructure config management (RANCID)
- performance graphing (MRTG)
- performance testing (iperf etc)
- troubleshooting (tcpdump, wireshark etc)
- traffic engineering (ipfw etc)
- communications (firefox, thunderbird)
- and hundreds more

> 3- General experience with Open Source technology?

Very, very good. I find though that the more you give, the more you get out.

In our environment, things are very dynamic, and very custom. We can
change software live-time to make it do what we need it to do. Being
able to look into the source code makes it very easy to write custom
applications that 'hook in' to existing ones.


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