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> How-do.  Has anyone gotten SBC's DSL service working on FreeBSD?

Yes. Well, it was called PacBell DSL at the time, but it is still
working.  I pretty much just used the pppoe entry from
/usr/share/examples/ppp/ppp.conf.sample.  Something like this:

   # Replace "rl0" with your interface connected to the DSL box
   set device PPPoE:rl0
   # Hmmm... maybe these aren't needed anymore:
   set mru 1492
   set mtu 1492
   set speed sync
   enable lqr
   set cd 5
   set dial
   set login
   set redial 0 0
   set authname ********
   set authkey ********
   add default HISADDR

  network_interfaces="rl0 lo0"
  # The pppoe interface has to be configured as "up".  Nothing else.

> I've tinkered with netgraph, pppoe, and my ppp.conf file but still get an
> error about device tun0 or tun1; I'm not sure what to do.

Any chance that you might be a bit more specific?  (As in: exactly
what you did, and exactly what error messages that resulted in.
FreeBSD version might be useful information too).

Both "tun" and "netgraph" should be autoloaded by ppp(8).  Everything
should work out-of-the-box.  No tinkering required :-)

The only gotcha I can remember was that the interface used for PPPoE has
to be "ifconfig up" in order to be usable.  I don't even know whether
that is true any more.

> Also, how do I know what hostname to set in my rc.conf file ... before
> I've been assigned a dynamic IP??

Anything you want.  SBC won't care and it won't be visible to the
outside world anyway.


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