this way - nobody should write anyone. there is always a line that missed
- completely changes a sense of sentence.

I'm sure you know that this is an absurd proposition.

It's just explanation. You can't write anything that will be absolutely resistible to misreading.

If second - then please Owners declare it clearly and just add
statement about this.

Isn't there a middle-ground?  Where we can care about how we present
ourselves, yet we do not feel beholden to the possible sponsors?

A good example would be to always respond kindly and appropriately,

There is some difference between responding kindly, and shutting up being aware that your opinion may be not accepted by potential new users.

If you are for the second - you propose that any "non-standard" opinion should not be presented.

Actually - this way FreeBSD should cease to exist, because it's based on non-standard opinions about how operating system should be done - contrary to "standard" which define things like micro-soft windows.

Anyway - Do users of any commercial product support list must think
if their words will lower the selling of the product? i don't think

They probably care less about the product.  I personally want FreeBSD
to succeed because it is

Why you want it to succeed? IT ALREADY DID!

You should want it only to be kept that way - keeping the quality.

, in many ways, superior to all of the

No - in many ways it does not have alternatives at all.

 As such, I hope that when I discuss it, I present it in
a good light.  For example, if someone asks me, "How do you do <X> in
FreeBSD?", I rarely suggest that the go read the fine manual.

And i do - when the answer is clearly readable in manual. So i help reader can both get answer to his question and learn how to use man(1)

"Every sentence that can potentially lower the income or core team
are punished with 10 lashes. Erik Osterholm will be the executor".

More absurdity.

Really no sense of humour?
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