I'm having a problem with fetch and libfetch in 5.0, and (given that I 
currently have a bad cold), I'm hoping to get a cheap answer before I have
to start crawling through code.

In the 4.x days, I was able to set up an apache web proxy, and then export
FTP_PASSIVE_MODE=YES and HTTP_PROXY=<thehostoftheproxy>:80, and then go to
/usr/ports, and say, for instance "make all".

Everything would then download correctly, and go on happily.

Now, however, it appears that when I do this, the connection either times out,
or I get a file with the right name, but the contents are an HTML document
(wrapped to fit in 80 cols).


I know the proxy is working, as my 4.x boxes still go through it happily.

Anyone have any ideas if something has broken, or whether its pilot error?


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