Maybe the MAC card has auto MDI-X?  You usually need a crossover cable
to connected two computers directly without a hub/switch.

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I have just gotten an old ethernet card, not entirely sure how old it
is but it has pulse H1012 on one of the chips and appears as ethernet
device fxp0 in freebsd 7.0.

When I plug an ethernet cable between this card and another computer
(freebsd 7.2) ifconfig says that the status has no carrier. When I
unplug either end and plug it into my ibook (OS X) the status changes
to active and I can ping the other computer. From this I can see that
both both freebsd computers have working ethernet cards and the cable
works also, just not freebsd-freebsd.

Does anyone have any ideas why this might be the case and how to fix it?

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