[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Paul Patryas) wrote:

>I have 2 questions:
>One is when I installed Freebsd 5.0 from a DOS partition,  it gave me an
>error message: 
>Error mounting /dev/adOs1 on /dist:
>Operation not supported by device (19)

After the kernel loads, you are given an option to load any additional
drivers.  Insert the drivers disk (made from drivers.flp) and choose
msdosfs.ko from the list.

>The second one is when I installed the FreeBSD, I chose the boot
>manager. I choose FreeBSD and it gives me an error message like this:
>No /boot /loader
>No /kernel

Where did you install the OS? Bear in mind you can't run FreeBSD from a
'logical' partition.

>I tried every combination to tell FreeBSD where the root system is (ex.
>1:ad (2,a)kernel) and so forth and I still can't boot into FreeBSD. I
>have read all the documents and don't what to do, so if someone could
>answer these questions, I would appreciate it.

Your example would need to be 1:ad(2,a)/kernel and that would be the third
slice on the 2nd. (physical) drive.

As you've attempted to install from a DOS filesystem, perhaps you'd be
happier with a different boot manager.  Partition Manager from Ranish
http://www.ranish.com/part/ is my favourite.


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