On Sun, 2003-03-02 at 20:56, Wayne wrote:
> Dear FreeBSD,
>     I have installed 5.0 into a new Dell.  I have not set up anything
> special yet (no firewall, no natd, etc.).
>     I can ssh out to the world, but I can't get into the new box from the
> gateway FreeBSD box on the same home network.  The gateway box properly
> lists the new box in /etc/hosts.  Each box can ping the other by name
> and by ip.
>     I have tried the OpenSSH that came with the system, and I
> installed ssh-3.0 , and the result is the same.  sshd is running
> on the new box.  

sshd is disabled by default on 5.0, you need to put sshd_enable="YES" in
your rc.conf and the startup scripts will take care of creating the keys
and starting it.

If you installed your own sshd you make need to check that it hasnt
overwritten any files for the base version.


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