itsemu wrote:
> if your dealing with a isp such as a cable/dsl company, remember the
> requirements to work there, they arent trained on anything besides windows..

Excuse me, unless you have ever worked at an ISP, might I kindly ask you
to have some respect. (if you have, the call centre you likely worked
for != ISP).

> probably dont really know what a static ip is or have any idea what hardware
> each different county they are supporting has in there headend because its
> all different, reverse dns will probably be a waste of ip space because of
> the way its assigned in classes and i seriously doubt they will do it via a
> ticket if its not that way. named registration if im catching that right
> godaddys probably going to be cheaper maybe im wrong who knows..

Nevermind. I should have read your entire post before I started to
respond. It's clear that you have the experience and education behind
you to make statements about the knowledge of ISP staff.


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