Well, I don't know about cable, but this is the way DSL works. 90%+ of
the issues with DSL are due to the modem losing connectivity overnight,
so a reboot is the quickest and easiest method of troubleshooting.

i don't remember now what brand of modem i have (i'm not in place) from Polish Telecom but it never hung for over 1.5 year!

people's fault. They're just there 8-5 trying to make rent and pay for
their kids dental. If you want to blame somebody, blame management.

The tech support people do what they are told to do. If you've ever had
a job in which every single incoming call is someone who is frustrated,
angry and is going to take it out on *you*, it might be understandable
why the tech support call centre business is like an employee revolving
door, and they can't keep anyone longer than a few months.

I think there are people doing this that can work for years. just a matter of personal character, they could completely don't care :)

I've been in the industry quite a while, and I would hazard a guess that
about 85% of tech support calls incoming would be user error.

i bet 95%

I do not like dealing directly with users. Most of them complain, bitch
and snivel and have no respect.

I don't agree. 90% of my people i have to respond (my clients) are not like that. They ask politely, but the problem is that they ask me to do things that is not my job, because "internet doesn't work".

There are no connection problems, but as usual windoze doesn't work properly.

I have to explain every time that they have to call some kind of
computer/windoze service and pay to have things repaired.

Some still insist that it's our fault, they we have to go to them, run some DVD-bootable linux distro with web browser and show that all is fine :)
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