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Steve Bertrand wrote:

What type of device is em1 attached to? Is it a switch or a hub? Is it
possible to upgrade this? You should upgrade it to 100 (or 1000)
anyways. Does this device show any collisions?
This is a dedicated server in a datacenter. I don't know the exact
switch specs but it's likely a
layer 2/3 managed switch. Probably a 1U catalyst.

Do you force 10Mb on your NIC, or do you auto-negotiate that?

Perhaps before you pay a higher fee, your colo centre could allow you to
connect to a 100Mb port (with perhaps some traffic policing) so you, as
a client, could quickly verify if you want to scale up to their next
tier without having to spend these up-front costs on troubleshooting
this back-asswards.

I can upgrade the connection to 100mbps for a small monthly fee. I've
left it at 10 because I haven't
had a need, but with traffic recently growing, this is probably the problem.

Tell the colo that. Tell them you need to test their next tier of service!

# mail -s "tcpdump output" < /var/log/dns.pcap
I don't think this is necessary. If cutting down the http traffic or
raising the port speed doesn't
fix it, I'll look into further debugging with this. more time, don't attempt to throttle your own traffic to
troubleshoot what looks like a throughput bottleneck.

Start with the collocation provider. They should, for free, allow you to
have a testing period with their next service tier. Hopefully, they can
do it without having to swap your Ethernet cable into another device.

If it works during the test, then a small 'migration' and monthly
upgrade fee would be acceptable (if they choose).


The problem was resolved by switching to 100Mbps.

It's interesting that bind is all that complains about the bandwidth exhaustion, but I guess it's about my only use of UDP and TCP is better able to handle this kind of issue so doesn't complain.

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