Proudly presenting The Stockholm Exhibition as a new client

We are very proud to present a new collaboration with The Stockholm Exhibition

Dabber presents it´s new way of displaying content over a time machine effekt.
We were asked to help illustrate and communicate the magnitude of a project 
that is dynamic, long-term, groundbreaking and innovative. The new Stockholm 
Exhibition will be a modell that
Eric created one of his best solutions so far that several new clients will 
implement on theire webpages. Check it out soon on our Twitter-feed or in our 

What we can do for you:
If you as some of our clients are looking for the 'wow-factor', or need to 
start implementing video in your business or if you need our different approach 
to take the step from idea to a well-visited website. Whatever the need, Dabber 
is ready to take you from static to stunning!

If you are interested in our services, big or small please contact us. We are 
based in Stockholm Sweden and work globaly on changing the way we communicate.

Visit the web site

/Daniel Daboczy

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