I was just given a Gateway GT 52250 with an AMD Anthon 64 X2 Processor
3800+ with a nVidia Geforce 6150LE card.

Assuming I install the 64 bit version of FreeBSD on this machine, what
nVidea driver should I install? From what I understood, nVidia
was not producing 64 bit drivers for FreeBSD due to a problem with the
FreeBSD kernel. There are none listed on the nVidea site either.

I did notice a driver on the nVidia page for FreeBSD x86, version #
185.18.14, released June 5, 2009; however, the version is the ports is:
180.44, which has actually been superseded four times since its release
by nVidia.

Would the x86 driver work in 64 bit FreeBSD or do I have to install the
x86 version instead?


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