> I thought that atapicam = scsi emulation for parallel devices thru CAM?
> or I got this wrong? :) I'm talking about a CDRW on my parallel port..

nope - ata devices

> I need to burn FreeBSD 5 and install it on an Ultra-10 d*mmit :)
> my other fellows "Linux admins" are making fun of how I will return to
> them to burn a copy of FreeBSD on their Linux boxes :/ hehe. so PLEASE
> HELP lol

> btw, how can I use burncd on the "undetected" device? :)

can't - again ata

Sorry I missed the parallel thing until now...  completely different ball
of wax.
Scott A. Moberly

Thumb's Postulate
        An easily understood, workable falsehood is more
        useful than a complex incomprehensible truth.

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