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Nothing points to the sound module specifically. The first trace is unusable (frames missing) and the second trace panics in sleep, which maybe points to the sound module and interrupts. Are you not able to panic the system without that sound module loaded? It looks too random to blame one module, more hardware, but it's possible the module exposes a bug elsewhere. From this though, it is hard to tell.

Yes, I noticed myself, that there is no reason why to blame 'sound' module for it. But I noticed my box only panics when there is some activity going on with sound device, like at one time, it paniced when I was trying to record audio using gnome-sound-recorder, and another it paniced when I was playing audio using ogg123. And that it too, it didn't panic immediately after start of operation (playing/recording), but only after some time has elapsed. And the system doesn't panic without snd_ds1 loaded even after building ports (like openjdk6 and libxul) and using GNOME for 4 hours. BtW, I forgot to mention in last post, but I'm running the GENERIC kernel bundled with 7.2-RELEASE DVD.

I don't know how to resolve and whether this is some kind of memory issue or something else. I also experienced something similar panic situation[1] with 8.0-CURRENT which no one else is able to reproduce except me, after which I installed 7.2-RELEASE. Any ideas how to trace this problem, it is discouraging me to continue using FreeBSD for my regular desktop use ?

[1] - http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-gnome/2009-April/022048.html

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