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I'm looking for a way to manage my personal collection of research
articles.  Ideally I'd like some way to keep records on authors,
keywords, journals, and publication years of articles (PDF files)
downloaded onto my local drive.

Hi Daniel,

I am also a researcher, and although I did not find any tool suited to the management of my article's collection, I elaborated a methodology I am rather happy with. Let me detail this methodology:

The atom in the organization of my collection of articles is the directory, this is handy because in a directory you can store many additional information along with the main file (the file containing the article).

Each of these folders is stored in a vault. I choose the name vault because, IIRC, the place a dragon uses to store its treasures is called the «dragon vault» in the relevant literature. We, gathering all these articles we do not have time to read, are pretty much like these dragons sleeping on their pile.

Here is the procedure to add an article to the collection:

1. I cd to the `vault'
2. I create a new folder to hold the article, usually with a rather cryptic name (without accents nor spaces) obtained
3. I cd to this new folder
4. I copy the article under the name `paper.pdf' or `paper.djvu'
5. I create a text file called INDEX, looking much like an email envelope, detailing the name of the authors and the article's title

During the life of the article in my collection, I will usually add a `mathscinet.bib' for the bibliography entry (when it is taken from mathscinet), I may add reviews of the article and text dumps (all of this with standardized names).

With this organization, it is pretty easy to dig the collection with combinations of `find', `awk', and `grep'. Moreover, putting a document in its folder makes the collection very flexible. I have even written a program producing a big `index.html' file from all of this, but of course it is currently broken and I have no time to fix it (I shall soon defend by phD!). There is much more to do, to have the good tools managing this collection!

BTW, `djvu' is an alternative format to store articles digitally, it has many qualities, among them djvu files are usually much smaller than the corresponding PDF files (for retrodigitized papers). See djvu.org!
All the best,

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