I use skype on 3 computers.

1. FreeBSD 6.4-STABLE, port skype12-
2. FreeBSD 7.2-STABLE, port skype 2.x
3. Windows XP, skype 3.8

Suddenly, starting a couple of weeks ago, I'm no longer able to log in to Skype on computer 1 (Skype just says "Invalid password"). I can still log in with same username and password on computers 2 and 3. I tried changing my skype password on the website, after that I could log in with new password on computers 2 and 3 but not on computer 1.

I tried moving my ~/.Skype directory out of the way and reinstalling net/skype12, which didn't help. I'd like to turn to Skype support for help, so I tried to turn on logging as described here:


... but the log file is not created, so it's hard to expect any help from the folks at Skype.

Does anyone know how to turn on logging in this version of Skype on FreeBSD?

Toomas Aas
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