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> On Tuesday, Mar 4, 2003, at 14:55 US/Mountain, Mike Meyer wrote:
> >> However, I am wanting some second opinions on this,
> >> and since I am not a disklabel guru, some guidance on how to use 
> >> disklabel
> >> without screwing up my system would be appreciated.
> > Basically, run "disklabel -e /dev/da0s1". That will create a temporary
> > file with the disklabel in it, and open an editor on that file. Delete
> > the line - if it exists - for a, copy the e line to where it was, and
> > then change the initial e to an a. Then save the file and exit the
> > editor. Fix your fstab to refer to da0s1a instead of da0s1e, and
> > reboot.
> Okay, should I be able to have an "a" and an "e" that overlap?  
> Disklabel doesn't seem to want to let me do this.

Yes, you should, but apparently someone decided not to allow
that. Personally, that strikes me as a being bogus, but fixing it
requires hacking disklabel.

Try booting the fixit cdrom, and doing the disklabel to chagne e to a
without mounting e.

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