Petre Bandac <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> kgb# portversion 
> Stale dependency: simicq-0.8.1 --> fam-2.6.9_2 -- manually run 'pkgdb -F' to 
> fix, or specify -O to force.
> and when I run pkgdb -Fvu I am asked whether to:
> Stale dependency: simicq-0.8.1 -> fam-2.6.9_2 (devel/fam):
> New dependency? (? to help): ?
>  [Enter] to skip, [Ctrl]+[D] to delete,  [.][Enter] to abort, [Tab] to 
> complete
> New dependency? (? to help): 
> delete here means it deletes the dependency or the whole port ?

the dependency

> what's the method to correct the situation, assuming that in the future I 
> shall want to portupgrade ?

portupgrade -R, perhaps?

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