At the risk of being boring..

Portupgrade works fine for some people, less than fine for others.
Now I read the docs, the very patient advice given by people on the
I have a very ordinary FreeBSD system.
Portupgrade trashed my KDE installation.
Trashed with a big T.
Now, I can fix this, 'cos this mama knows about computers.
Now I have experience, updating systems is almost always a ball-breaker.
So encouraged I tried out portupgrade.

problem 1... no way was it having -a ..didn't know how to make..
problem 2.. -R/r .. wow you hit the jackpot with that, it rebuilds
things you have never even heard of
problem 3.. mm, this one foxed me, trying to find things in
problem 4 .. I don't use Gnome, I hate it, errmm portupgrade update it
for me..oh yes..
Problem 5 .. now I tried to update things individually. By name.
Well lo and gehold, and bless my cotton socks, portupgrade decided to
update all sorts of things, mutt, postfix, stuff I never even breathed

Btw Mike, the reason you were getting my intranet addresses was because
portupgrade replaced my Muttrc file.

Now before the flames start, I am willimg to try and re-write
portupgrade. In "C".
It is a complex job, if anyone wants to help email me off list.


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