On 6/15/09, DA Forsyth <d.fors...@ru.ac.za> wrote:
> Why do I become so clever AFTER asking for help?
> Anyhow, I have solved the cron not sending email problem.
> The cron log file contains lines like this
> NSSWITCH(nss_method_lookup): nis, group_compat, setgrent, not found
> which when searched for produces the page at
> http://www.ivorde.ro/FreeBSD_Cron__NSSWITCH_nss_method_lookup_errors-
> 44.html
> So I have edited my /etc/nsswitch.conf to have
> group: files
> password: files
> (instead of 'compat')
> and now it works again.
> I guess I must have installed that file in the  upgrade during my
> glazed mergemaster phase of 'esc i enter' to install all those files
> whose only difference is the $Id$ tag (why do they bother?)


Lots of options, maybe check it out.
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