On Monday 15 June 2009 17:21:16 Gary Kline wrote:

> Encl: dephp.c, test
         case '?':
            ch = getchar();
            while (1)
               if (ch == '?' && (ch = getchar()) == '>')
                  ch = getchar();

As has been hinted before you're not handling the EOF case. Files like:
class foo
        function __construct() { echo 'foo'; };

Are perfectly valid php files and actually preferred for included files, 
rather then a terminating ?>, because one can start filling the output by 
trailing whitespace before EOF and thus not set any header() anymore. The 
above code will wait indefinitely for the next char or spin like mad if you're 
using non-blocking IO.

You should really take the pointers from Jeffrey Goldberg and record states 
and decide based on the state, rather then inlined switch statements, if only 
for readability.

You're also in trouble with <?xml, but that's an entirely different beast and 
you might actually be doing the right thing from your usage perspective.
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