Unga <unga...@yahoo.com> writes:

> If you refer that I use bash for root is the problem, there is no difference 
> by switching root's shell to sh.
> With sh as the shell for root:
> 1. Still cannot login as root from the console. Child process died error.
> 2. "su -l" doesn't work, child process died error.
> 3. su works. But the prompt is [...@host name]#
> Why it doesn't print r...@host? whoami shows root.
> What is the problem you think that I should fix? any ideas? any thread 
> related error as the child process die when in root? 

Another thing to check is the login files.  
For /bin/sh, I think that would be
/etc/profile, /root/.profile, anything that ENV might be set to.

Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area
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