HTMLPP=cpp -C -P -traditional

actually it's the way i make webpages.

automate this process?

Forgive my polite disagreement, but according to your description
which sounds to describe a relatively easy problem, PHP looks
like really too much, "too big" for this job. (I don't use PHP
very often, so my opinion might not be the best one to rely on.)

PHP is popular, and like most popular things isn't very good. Maybe it's easy for some people (for me - not much), and fits someone's needs, it could be used but as PREPROCESSOR.

There is no sense to generate webpage every time someone watch it, unless it's contents changes every time someone watch it.

PHP interpreter can be called from command line, and output HTML to file like that

php -f file.php >file.html

This can be done from cron for example. It's not more efficient way, but more secure - there is no fear someone abuse any bugs in PHP code. PHP support in web server can be not loaded at all.

That's why I love Unix.

If you love UNIX, why not following its philosophy? Keep the
thing simple. Make one solution that solves the problem best,
nothing more, nothing less. As you said, it may take some time
to get it running, but when it runs, it will run nearly forever.

I have my things going exactly that way - because - as you say - i keep
things simple.

No "modern" tools with it's unneeded overcomplexity.
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