Hello again, sorry, just thought of another question.

Been trying to mount a vmware image with vnconfig... 
It refuses to mount it.

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~ #] vnconfig /dev/vn0c
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~ #] mount_msdos /dev/vn0c /mnt/vn/0
mount_msdos: /dev/vn0c: Invalid argument

What did I miss? 

Has anyone else been having trouble starting mozilla?
It refuses to start, at all. And, I usually use it
for email. Can anyone else suggest anything better for

Something that can download pop3, send through smtp and
preferably display it on X11 without the universes
dependencies and the nothingness that surrounds it. 
(The universes dependencies would be refering to evolution 
which I just refuse to use!)
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