Recently I installed xemacs-devel-2.4.8 from binary
package. When I tried to run it I got this error

/usr/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libc.so.5"
not found

So I copied the only found libc.so.4 to libc.so.5 and
ran xemacs again. This time it started properly but
during first 15 minutes I discovered a LOT of
problems. Some of them are here:

1) Some menu items in "Options/Display" menu are
grayed such as "Blinking cursor" or all sub-items in
"Paren Highlighting".

2) When I try to bring up INFO browser with "C-h i" or
when I try to update my configuration file with
"Options/Save options to init file" xemacs simply
"freezes" and only xkill can kill it now.

3) Some useful elisp commands such as "defadvice"
aren't working (it reports that this function isn't

How can I solve these problems? May be using libc.so.4
instead of libc.so.5 was wrong? If it was where can I
find normal libc.so.5?

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