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On Thu 18 Jun 2009 at 14:18:21 PDT Tim Judd wrote:

I've read reports (and forgotten it's source since then) that some
Intel Atom processors work well, some don't with FreeBSD.  This was
something I read within a couple months, so I would see if anyone here
can provide input on pros and cons on weather that particular Atom
model number is well received and well tested.

The only problems I've seen reported re Atoms was back in the days
before the FreeBSD 7.2 release (or was it 7.1?) when there were problems
with not recognizing the Realtek networking chip included on the Intel

FWIW, I'm running FreeBSD 7.2 on an Intel D945GCLF motherboard, which
has an Atom 230 CPU. I got mine from http://www.mini-box.com. (I *am* using a Intel networking card rather than the builtin Realtek chip, but only because the Realtek recognition problems still existed when I first
set up the machine.  One of these days I should probably see if those
problems are truly fixed, so I can recover the single PCI slot for some other use.) Since this is a home machine, I can't say it's the best test
of whether FreeBSD runs OK on it. But I haven't had any problems with

Sounds good. They are so inexpensive, I will just give it a whirl and see if it cuts the mustard. Speed isn't really an issue, since it's going to be twiddling it's thumbs most of the time. Doesn't really matter if it takes 10 seconds or 30 minutes to translate the videos.

Thanks: John
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