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Subject: Re: Upgrading sendmail to 8.12.8

> > And, perhaps this is pushing my luck, but when will there be an
> > 8.12.8 in the ports collection? I found 8.12_7 there, but I am
> > obviously not going with that.
> The ports version of mail/sendmail is already up to date with 8.12.8.
> CVSup your ports collection again, and use the Ports :)


I guess I should stop checking the FreeBSD web-site for what is in the
ports; because, like you said, the FTP server had the new sendmail 8.12.8. I
only had to use my own .mc file; and voila, I had a brand new sendmail. :)
Fully functional, with all the trimmies I had previously added.

Man, this went astoundingly easy. :) I saw 8.12.8 is actually logging a bit
more verbose, like when I rebuilt the alias and access database (there had
been reports of problems in that area, so I tested it), sendmail put a
message in /var/log/messages to inform me. Maybe that has always been there,
lol, but I had never seen that before.

At any rate, I am very happy the way this upgrade went. :)

- Mark

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