danny writes:

>  At the moment I am focuing the attention to the
>  '/usr/ports/UPDATING' file.  The question that arose is the
>  following: is there any automated way to check if any of the port
>  to be upgraded has specific upgrading notes written in that file?

        Not that I know of.
        However: on a single machine, it shouldn't be that hard to just
remember.  On one machine with almost 1000 ports installed, less
that 200 get upgraded more than one per year.  Of those in the 200
that involve code, maybe 50 get upgraded more than once every three
months.  And those tend to be either trivial, or huge (gnome, wine,
openoffice, etc.). 

>  Do you prefer doing a mass or selective upgrade? 

        The difference?

                                        Robert Huff

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