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> Gary Kline wrote:
> >On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 09:18:55AM -1000, Al Plant wrote:

        [[ save the electrons ]]

> ############
> There was a big discussion on this list about a month back about laptops.
> You can search for answers on our FreeBSD list or on Google.
> Consumer reports also had a discussion in their magazine last month. 
> Many of the net book sellers are now putting Linux OS on them. But not 
> all models. New Egg, Comp USA (on line) Tiger Direct etc.

        thanks for the datapoints, al.  my thought was that if i [or a
        small group of us] could get this typing-to-speech capability 
        working for even $500, it would make headlines globally.  freebsd
        --or maybe pcbsd, or whatever--even linux, since i'm not
        hard-core religiously opposed to linux.  if this could work on
        portable computer with freebsd's *stability* it would be a win
        for the millions who do not have a lethal diseases but whose
        speech is too garbled for most people to understand.  (( but
        then, for these many/most/some? of these neurological disorders
        degrade so that there is a window where people Can type for
        awhile before they get too bad.))

        i finally read the glossy promo sheets on this windose device.
        it's got a hard drive, 256meg ram, 800mhz processor.  rips you
        off for 8000 bux.  that's for the basic touchscreen with a 

        i'll poke around the rest of the weekend and see what i can

        if this is too far OT, please write me offlist.


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