On 23 jun 2009, at 05:55, Frank Shute wrote:

On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 07:17:40PM +0200, Paul van der Zwan wrote:

The last few days I see a dozens of Checksum mismatches when csup-ing
src-all from cvsup.freebsd.org.
No errors appear on ports-all.
Is there a problem with the cvs repository ?

Most people will use a local mirror as listed in the handbook:


Check and see if you have the same problem with one of the mirror

I have tried both cvsup.freebsd.org and cvsup.nl.freebsd.org with both
csup and cvsup and I get checksum mismatches on all attempts.

If you've got the same problem, then your cvsup config file for src
could be up the creek.

I have deleted /usr/sup/src-all/* bun that did not fix the checksum errors,
just gave me a lot of SetAttr messages the first run.
If you mean my c{v}sup config file, that hasn't been changed in years and how would an error in that file cause errors on src-all but none on ports-all ?

If the problem disappears, then the server is up the creek.

I am stumped, as far as I can tell it's no local config problem, but what's causing it?
I have no idea..
Am I the only one seeing these errors ?


The fact that all errors are on src-all and none on ports-all make me
suspect it is not a local problem on
my system as both end up on the same filesystem here.


PS I am not on this list so please reply directly as well




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