On 6/23/09, Matej Šerc <matej.s...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> we have a FreeBSD machine currently using PPPoE with NAT. As we already have
> the cable connection which is about the same speed, I was just wondering of
> doing some load balancing for the outside connection. I have no experiences
> with that and will be really glad if someone could point some things, where
> to look and what to read. Also your configurations and experiences regarding
> this fact are very welcome.
> Thanks,
> Matej

This question has been asked very frequently on this list, starting
with my thread about multiple gateways on may 31st.

Best option is by using firewall routing options, since bsd itself
cannot add more than one gateway (which I think is the TCP/IP
standard, being only one gateway)

please google and read, and if you have further questions, follow up
and ask questions.
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