ericr wrote:
On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 3:10 PM, Kent Stewart <> wrote:

On Saturday 20 June 2009 11:00:45 am ericr wrote:

As the subject says, I can't get the 7.2-RELEASE i386 CD to boot on a
system that has:

Abit KV8 Pro (K8T800P-8237-6A7L1A1BC-26) motherboard with the most recent
BIOS - BIOS release 26 4/20/2007


Anyone have any suggestions, or should I file a PR?
Did you follow the suggestion on the release announcement of using the
CDs and switching before you start the install.

Yes.  None of the FreeBSD kernels will boot on this system.  Doesn't matter
if I use the livefs disk, or the install disk, it only gets as far as
described above, then hangs.

- ericrCan

Try leaving it for a few minutes at the hang

I got mine going by putting the hard disk in another machine, installing fbsd on that and building a kernel with most stuff taken out, after which I could boot my motherboard with that hard disk. Once it was booting I kept putting drivers back into the kernel until I found what was stopping it (device sbp in my case). You can use an external usb caddy and another machine with capability to boot from usb to do the same thing.

You might have to modify /etc/fstab.


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