Well, sorta true.

We know that he lost connectivity for 13 minutes. As you said, there
are many reasons why this might be so, and several were suggested. The
two most likely are:

1) power loss to the switch
2) somebody disconnected the cable, then replaced it

Clearly, however, it isn't port negotiation - not over 13 minutes.
Unfortunately, he probably doesn't have a central syslog server that
collects data from hosts and other equipment, because that's the only
way to tell for sure. Things like UPS power loss/fluctuation
notifications, switch bootup notifications, etc., in the syslog would
provide the necessary data.


On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 14:00, Gary Gatten<ggat...@waddell.com> wrote:
> There's not NEARLY enough info in OP to answer this - I can't believe
> anyone is even trying.  It could be many dozen different things.
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> look at time. it's 13 minutes down
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