> Hi:
> I have a machine set up with freebsd and it was set up to
> connect to the internet.
> However, now I need to connect that computer to another
> computer through a hub without any interent connection at
> all.  (I just want to have a VNC viewer up in the freebsd
> box so that the freebsd box can control the other computer
> running WinXP)
> Both computer does not have connection to the interent.
Well, we can show you how to put them both on the internet
at the same time using something called network address
translation. This will allow both computers to share one
public internet ip address. Is this what your asking for
help about?

> My question is, do I have to change any settings on the
> freebsd box?
This will depend on exactly what your asking for help on.

> Thanks
Your welcome.

> Herman

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