Tuc wrote:
Your problems certainly sound like failing hardware.  The archives are
littered with examples of people who swore black and blue that failing
hardware could not possibly be the cause of their mysterious reboots,
until they found the failing hardware and replaced it :-) Check and
swap out/replace RAM, power supply, CPU fan, cabling, CPU etc.

Heres the rub... Mine is a Dell 8200 laptop. Not like I can do much hardware stuff to it... And the old "It don't happen in Winderz".

It could be incompatible hardware (i.e. mostly compatible hardware) that works most of the time, but occasionally causes a reboot. Meanwhile, the vender drivers for Windows make it work perfectly there.

Also, I've seen flakey hardware that Windows simply didn't exercise enough
to cause problems.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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