On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 11:01 AM, Morgan
Wesström<freebsd-questi...@pp.dyndns.biz> wrote:
> I'm not using X at all on my FreeBSD machines so I don't know if this is
> related. We had a similar problem in Gentoo lately where Firefox simply
> segfaulted on certain webpages. It was tracked down to librsvg and there
> is a temporary patch for 2.22-2.26:
> http://mirrors.evolva.ro/gentoo-portage/gnome-base/librsvg/files/librsvg-2.22.3-fix-segfault-with-firefox.patch
> As I said, I don't know if this relates to FreeBSD in any way but to a
> layman like myself it seems plausible since it's the same applications
> involved and I can't see that there is a patch for this in Ports. Some
> developer probably can make more sense out of this than I but I though
> it was worth mentioning.

I didn't see any replies about ${OTHER_OS} -- Firefox 3.0.11 does not
crash on *buntu (don't ask) for me.  I just wanted to point that out.
I don't have FF3 on FreeBSD boxes to test.

Just thought I'd share.

Glen Barber
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