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> Exactly.  For example, the "server" in question is a desktop machine
> at work.  I regularly see transfer rates of 13MB/s.  It's at a major
> university, which is by itself another high-risk factor, precisely
> because there are so many (often weakly protected) high-speed
> connections.

That's a valid point, and I'd like to add that there is some
consideration: Servers are usually protected with proper means.
This goes especially for UNIX servers. Desktops, on the other
hand, can more easily be taken over (especially non-UNIX machines),
so if an attacker got his foot inside a network, it's very 
useful to him. There are even trading platforms where criminals
buy and sell whole networks of compromised PCs. Of course,
everything happening inside such networks should be seen as
what it is: a threat to security. Just imagine some "clever
guy" uses telnet inside such a network to configure the

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