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and without any further ado..

I recently reinstalled FreeBSD and i am afraid i didnt think to take the
fact that i wanted to mirror freebsd isos and the ports collection into
consideration. I also forgot that i had a personal library of a few gigs
of ebooks. (i started a bad habit years ago of keeping my www root in
/var. I have yet to kick that habit because all my configs and web scripts
point to /var/www/html. heh. In short, i made var quite tiny and bit
myself in the butt.. =[

[labs] /# df -m /var
Filesystem  1M-blocks Used Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/ad0s1d      3671 2840   538    84%    /var
[labs] /#

awww sh*t.

I moved the ftp directory previously in /var to /usr/ and i edited
master.passwd to point ftp to the right dir and did a pwd_mkdb -p
/etc/master.passwd.. Ftp seems to be working just fine. My question is, is
there some reprocussions of this that i should be weary of? Security
issues? I have two 120 gig maxtor drives that i can move ftp too, but /usr
isnt all that full cause i made it huge because i mirror the freebsd srces
too. and i will never use all that space so it makes more sense to keep it
in /usr if i can. keep in mind also this is anonymous ftp we are talking
about. thanks.

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