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Well the fact that if I run /etc/rc.d/named manually after the system has booted, the script also hangs suggests it's not the next process I have just check however & ntpdate is the next one in the list to be started and that does start correctly - you can see it report the clock being adjusted. Also, when you do a Ctrl+C to break the named script on bootup, it says "Script /etc/rc.d/named interrupted".

Something I've just realised is that named stays loaded even when you 'break' the script. on bootup and DNS lookups work (I didn't think that was the case originally, but it is).

Anything interesting from named in the system logs?  You might want to
enable /var/log/all.log by following the instructions in /etc/syslog.conf
and then see what output you get by bouncing named.  It's usually pretty
good at pointing out exactly what it thinks the problem is.

You could also try running:

  # /bin/sh -x /etc/rc.d/named start

-- make sure named isn't running when you do that.  There will be quite
a lot of output as the rc system loads all of the various config files,
but you should be able to trace exactly where it's got to when it does hang.

You're using the system-supplied copy of bind aren't you?  Have you got
a valid /etc/named/rndc.conf or /etc/named/rndc.key file so you can use
rndc(8)?  If not, try running:

   # rndc-confgen > /etc/namedb/rndc.conf

and then cut'n'paste the indicated key and controls statements from that
file into named.conf, stripping out the comment characters as you do (of 

If you're using one of the ports versions of named, do exactly the same
thing, but copy or link rndc.conf into /usr/local/etc/ as well.



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