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Kelly Jones <kelly.terry.jo...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I know how to use ctorrent to create a torrent file, but how do I
> actually seed the resulting file so that others can get it, and how do
> I 'register' myself w/ a tracker so that others will know what IP
> address to connect to, etc?

There are two kinds of trackers, closed and open. With a closed tracker
you usually have to upload the torrent file on a website. With open
trackers you don't need to do anything other than specify the URLs of
the trackers when you create the torrent file.

> Can ctorrent seed torrents, or do I need another program for that?

I would imagine so, or you wouldn't be able to seed after downloading.

With most clients you can place the file or directory in the download
location, load the torrent file and then tell the client to verify the
download. It'll then detect that it's complete and switch to seeding. 

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