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I've been playing with exim for a little bit now, my new server I'm going to
roll out I would like to use exim instead of sendmail.  So far, exim is much
nicer to use, however, I am at a loss where to go now.

I figure many would like to have the following ...

    SMTP standard receive on port 25

    Relaying supported on 25 via STARTTLS + SMTP AUTH
    SSL Tunneled on port 485 + SMTP AUTH

I've gotten the tunneled part to work.  I got port 25 going.  I can't get
AUTH to work, and haven't tried STARTTLS yet.

My authenticators section, I have so far:

        driver = plaintext
        public_name = LOGIN
        server_prompts = "Username:: : Password::"
        server_condition="${if pam{$1:$2}{1}{0}}"
#       server_condition = ${if pam{$1:${sg{$2}{:}{::}}}{yes}{no}}
#       server_condition = ${if pwcheck{$1:$2}{1}{0}}
        server_set_id = $1

Note, the commented sections I have tired each and still generate the errors

> 2003-03-05 12:28:46 Authentication failed for ([])
> []: 435 Unable to authenticate at present (set_id=dpd): cannot
> connect to pwcheck daemon

> 2003-03-05 12:58:00 Authentication failed for ([])
> []: 535 Incorrect authentication data (set_id=dpd)

I have not modified /etc/pam.conf yet.

Anyone got some tips, help, advice where to go next - it seems like is a
PAM/pwcheck issue, not exim at this point, or a draft at an HOWTO ?
Specifics on exim and freebsd seem to be few right now.

< random rant >

Anyone know how to get your IPS out of SPEWS ?  My ISP had some spammers
they ditched a while back, but SPEWS has the whole dag IP range listed.  The
ISP has tried multiple times, but the WHOIS records still are pointed into
the IP range (which they can't control), even though the co-los have been
kicked out, but SPEWS wouldn't drop the blocks.

< / random rant >

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