I've no experience with serial modems, but having read the man pages I believe your remote(5) line is incorrect.


sets system names sio0 and com1, then you try to execute tip to connect to cuad0. Is there an entry for cuad0 in your /etc/remote? I'm confused as to why tip is returning 'unknown host tip0' however.

Give `tip -v sio0` a shot, or change the system names in your /etc/remote line

yes the entry was wrong... changed it. when i try to use tip i get device busy. when i use cu it says connected but nothing else happens and i don't see any prompts. it's like frozen. i can't type any AT commands... nothing. i changed the baud rate around. all the way down to 9600. so now the same thing happens with tip. if used tip says connected but i can not issue any commands...

the modem has 2 leds. one yellow and one green. according to the manual the yellow should be blinking as follows:

Fast Blinking (0.5 sec on/0.5 sec off) Net search/ Not registered/Turning Off
Slow Blinking (0.3 sec on/ 2.7 sec off)  Registered, Full Service

i think i'm only seeing 'Fast Blinking'..... i wonder what 'Net search' really means and where it's searching for it. it's connected through a RS-232 to the serial port...



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