On 2009-06-30 02:13:11, Roland Smith wrote:
> The page says it does.

Forgive me for being cynical but after countless experiences, I rarely believe
such statements any more!

> > Virtualbox + VMGL seems the most likely candidate at the moment -
> From the abovementioned page: "VMGL is available for X11-based guest OS's".
> > I'm just not sure if it's currently stable at all.
> At version 0.1.1, I wouldn't expect too much.
> OpenGL is just a display mechanism. If the calculations feeding the
> display have to be run in an emulator, this will slow your program down
> considerably. 

Well, I'd be running with virtualization extensions as my CPU supports
them and I'd think that OpenGL commands being passed from a VM straight
to the graphics card via this system shouldn't incur too much overhead.

> If your program on the guest OS is already written for X11, can't you
> port it to FreeBSD?  Or run it natively and transport the output to your
> FreeBSD box via X11?

If I'd written the program, it'd already be running on FreeBSD natively,
you've got my word on that. Unfortunately it's old and, of course,

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