On all my servers I have portaudit version 0.5.13
If I try update audit database (by hand or from periodic script)
I have:

# portaudit -Fd
auditfile.tbz                                 100% of   53 kB   39 kBps
portaudit: Database too old.
Old database restored.
portaudit: Download failed.

When I change

Like was in 0.5.12
# portaudit -Fd
auditfile.tbz                                 100% of   56 kB   34 kBps
New database installed.
Database created: Wed Jul  1 07:40:02 CEST 2009
Update work fine.

Anyone have behavior like I have?

Arek Czereszewski
arek (at) wup-katowice (dot) pl
"UNIX allows me to work smarter, not harder."
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