Thanks Sir!

What is the easiest way to make sure the new disk is bootable.

Also, it just occured to me....we have a few different versions of SCSI drives SCSI-2 SAS etc.

Can I assume the the da driver will handle all these should not see any fstab problems?


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Grant Peel wrote:
Hi all,

I have serveral machines that are running different versions of FreeBSD.

Each machine only has 1 hard disk, but they all have a CD ROM and USB available.

I have built a pristine system with all packages and ports installed that I need.

I am now wanting to clone this to all the machines. The dificulty being that they all have various Disk sizes and interfaces (i.e. SCSI 3, SAS, etc).

I am wondering how everyone else might handle this situation. BTW, The new build uses a standard Generic kernel, i386 build.

I was thinking of:

Booting with a live CD, refdisking, labeling, then using dumps from memory stick.

Comments please,


Done that and it works. Don't forget also to install  the boot blocks.
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