On Wednesday,  5 March 2003 at 19:33:04 +0100, Alexander Haderer wrote:
> Hello,
> Here is a vinum question. 

It was sent as a followup of a question about installation problems.
That causes problems with threading.

> Assume this setup: Two partitions ad0s1e and ad2s1e of type vinum
> with the same size. vinum is set up to use this disks as RAID 1
> (mirror):
> ...
>  Everything is working without problem.
> Because we do not rely on the harddisks and the files at /mirr are
> accessed seldom and random, we want to check, if all sectors of the
> disks ad0 and ad2 are readable without problem. To do so, we want to
> run a nightly low priority cron job that tries to read all sectors
> of a disk without further analyzing the data read. The "result" of a
> failed read (hard disk failure) will be a kernel message in
> /var/log/messages, which we monitor 24x7 a day.
> Lets say we do dd for reading the sectors:
> dd if=/dev/ad0s1 of=/dev/zero bs=1024k
> Questions:
> 1. Will this conflict with vinum or its internal (kernel) data
> structures when vinum is running the same time with all components
> of the RAID 'up'?

No.  Writing would be a very different story, of course.

> 2. Will this conflict with parallel read/write access to /mirr ?


> 3. Should we use "dd if=/dev/vinum/sd/mirr.p0.s0 ..." instead of
> /dev/ad0s1e ?

You could.  That would also find any problems in the subdisk itself,
but not with the rest.  On the whole, I'd say that your solution is as
good as any.

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