I'm making a couple small pc routers using ZYNX ZX346 - 4 Port PCI Ethernet
cards in small Compaq deskpro systems (one pci slot).  I'm using 4.8RC1 with
polling enabled at the moment, but it does not matter if it's on or off.  What
the problem is is that everything is fine until the card is initialized by the
kernel and then all 4 activity lights just start to flash.  According to the
driver it is a supported chipset /usr/src/sys/pci/if_de.c supports the 21140,
everything i have read seems to support it, but what happens is that all 4
activity lights just blink and i have tested this on two identical machines
with idential results.  Anyone else have this problem with these cards? 
Getting a little frustrated at this point.  Oh and what also is weird is that
iget a de0-3 autosense failed: cable problem? error and the after a while i
loose the interfaces all together with a broken message that i forgot to write
down.  (BTW i have tested this with 4 idential cards on two completely
different machines with 4.8RC1 polling turned on and off)

Chris Demers

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