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Aloha Gurus.

All the gogle-ing I did does not give a current status on or how-to on installing FreeBSD 7.2 on a flash stick on one slice with the default partions. I want to boot from it on a mini lap top ( no CD ) and use it like the hd inside.

I see plenty of how-to's on loading Flash sticks for installing on other boxes and using a 2 slice flash to load FreeBSD onto other duplicate boxes again.

All I need is to have a FreeBSD o/s on the stick so I can use it instead of the OS on the existing laptop.

I'm sure I saw on this list where somebody did this successfully but I cant find it.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Al

The way i have done this in 7.0 7.1 and 7.2 is to boot off the cd1 install cd and do a normal install to my 1gb flash stick. A 1gb flash stick is to small for the default slice sizes. You will have to manually allocate the / /usr /var /swap sizes. I also found it usefully to set the boot flag when allocating the whole flash stick. A 2gb or larger flash stick allows you to take the auto-allocate option for / /usr /var /swap sizes. Keep in mind that your /var log files can fill up you flash stick real quick and lock up your system. If your running this flash stick 7/24 then rotate them more often deleting the oldest one. It's as simple as that.
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